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BROMsolutions in Germany.

The exciting recruitment platform for SAP jobs.


A network of experienced professionals with an SAP focus provides comprehensive advice to clients and job-seekers alike. In this way, our experts are able to work out the ideal job solutions and pairings in dialogue with those concerned. The primary principle here is to provide advice that factors in not only professional, but also personal and cultural aspects. The cornerstones of successful collaboration with clients and job-seekers are our regional accessibility, our international network, expertise and our excellent connections at Walldorf.


Our network of personal contacts is particularly valuable. Our candidates' abilities and aptitudes are tested thoroughly in a personal interview, and they receive individual advice on that basis. Never losing sight of the candidate's own unique capabilities, we take a personal coaching approach to showing job-seekers what options and career paths that are open to them. Meanwhile, our well-established, exclusive connections with decision-makers in well-known companies prepare the way. BROMsolutions clients value our services first and foremost because of our professional pre-selection process.


In short... With our unique approach, we generate added value with outstanding SAP expertise and excellent connections, as well as a special personal commitment to helping you quickly and effectively to conduct your search.


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